Not even an A&P Catholic

I like to call myself a lapsed catholic. I went through 17 years of catholic schooling which appears to be a polarizing experience. You come out of there embracing your religion or shunning it. I chose the latter route – Not because I had issues with the core church teachings but because I had issues with how people interpret and follow these teachings in ways that are not authentic at best or intolerant and mean at worst.

People who go to church and consider themselves religious aren’t necessarily good people. The bible is not a historically accurate tome. I could be a good person without sitting in a church mindlessly spouting prayers every week. So as soon as it wasn’t a school mandated requirement I stopped going unless someone was dead or getting married.

Then I met my future husband and we started planning a wedding. I had no need to marry in a church but he wanted to so we started the process meeting with my church’s pastor at the time – the church that was the foundation of my religious schooling. He proved to be one of those not nice people. No church for us!

Then we had kids. My husband wanted them baptized out of a sense of tradition. Having been surrounded by religious education most of my life I was against it. I wasn’t prepared to stand in front of a church and lie and say I was going to raise my kids to be active in the faith. I had too much respect for the religion to spit in its face like that. The husband was adamant. I relented. What was the harm?

In my mind though, I was well on the road to not exposing my children to any religion. However, a lifetime of religion proved easy to ignore but not easy to erase and forget.

There was more religion ingrained in me than I even knew….


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  1. The rooms have a hint of asbestos and maybe just a dash of formaldehyde, And the habit of decomposing right before your very eyes, along with the people inside….

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