Why can’t vampires clap?

Life’s been stressing me out (with all this waking up early, feeding the kids, finding socks that match, etc.).  When life stresses me out, I either bury myself in wine or bad TV, preferably nostalgic bad TV…so I present to you….Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the movie, not the TV show.  (From what I hear the TV show was actually good, but I never got into it, because for me, Buffy will always be Kristy Swason.)


There are several reasons why I love this movie and can watch it again and again and again….

The 90s awesomeness…

Randall Batinkoff of For Keeps fame….Need I say more.  It’s friggin Randall Batinkoff!


The clothes…..There was a pair of shorts I desperately wanted that looked like the print on Buffy’s red dress.Clothes

Not to mention the slouchy socks, denim cut-offs, vests, bodysuits, flannel…LukeKristy

The absolutely insane range of actors and talent or lack thereof…


The quote that haunted me for years….until someone made me feel dumb….

Paul  Reuben’s character Amilyn:”We’re immortal. We can do anything.”…….Buffy: “Oh yeah? Clap.”

I was all like “Why can’t vampires clap?  Is it like how they can’t see their reflection?”

I will show you the image that should have provided an answer….but I will not provide you with the answer, in the hopes that you will also feel dumb.paul-reubens

And finally the BEST death scene of all time (if not the best quality video)…



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