In honor of Monday Night Football…

I would like to apologize to all of those who people who come to my blog by innocently googling “football goal post” to be surprised by a post about my visit to the gynecologist.


Jen’s jewels of judgment – cartoon edition.

The man in the yellow hat is a special kind of moron. What kind of asshole would continuously leave this monkey home alone? He floods the house. He gets lost. He breaks dinosaur bones. Clearly he is in need of a cage or a tranq dart. That is all.

Why can’t vampires clap?

Life’s been stressing me out (with all this waking up early, feeding the kids, finding socks that match, etc.).  When life stresses me out, I either bury myself in wine or bad TV, preferably nostalgic bad TV…so I present to you….Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the movie, not the TV show.  (From what I hear the TV show was actually good, but I never got into it, because for me, Buffy will always be Kristy Swason.)


There are several reasons why I love this movie and can watch it again and again and again….

The 90s awesomeness…

Randall Batinkoff of For Keeps fame….Need I say more.  It’s friggin Randall Batinkoff!


The clothes…..There was a pair of shorts I desperately wanted that looked like the print on Buffy’s red dress.Clothes

Not to mention the slouchy socks, denim cut-offs, vests, bodysuits, flannel…LukeKristy

The absolutely insane range of actors and talent or lack thereof…


The quote that haunted me for years….until someone made me feel dumb….

Paul  Reuben’s character Amilyn:”We’re immortal. We can do anything.”…….Buffy: “Oh yeah? Clap.”

I was all like “Why can’t vampires clap?  Is it like how they can’t see their reflection?”

I will show you the image that should have provided an answer….but I will not provide you with the answer, in the hopes that you will also feel dumb.paul-reubens

And finally the BEST death scene of all time (if not the best quality video)…