Putting on my prude hat…

…so pay attention.  It doesn’t happen often.

The other day, the kids were playing in the backyard and I was sitting at the table with my laptop, listening to Pandora.  My typical playlist is a mix of obsolete music – hair bands, 90’s pop, hard rock, etc.

So here I am listening to Motley Crue, when the sounds of Taylor Swift lyrics float over to me from the swingset.  Talk about a culture shock.  It seems my son is singing.  I try to ignore it.  Then he moves onto Fun and then Katy Perry.  I give up fighting it and turn on Today’s Hits Radio.  At least when the boy sings these songs, they are cute.

But normally, he sings along to the radio, so he doesn’t hear the curse words…and holy shit are there a lot of curse words!  I thought rock music was the devil’s music.  Motley Crue is nowhere near innocent, but I trust them with my child’s virgin ears.  Why are all singers these days trying to corrupt my innocent children?  Why are these songs so full of foul language and so damn catchy at the same time?

If my kids are going to curse, they are going to learn them the old-fashioned way – from their mommy.