I am not sophisticated (surprise!!)

So I actually saw another movie this weekend. This time something critically acclaimed and award winning because my friend and I were trying to be fancy. Instead we were mostly bored.

What is it with critically acclaimed or independent films? Are there moments of brilliance? Absolutely. But why do these moments have to be surrounded by such mind numbing dullness?

I know they want things to feel real. Yes watching people read is super relatable! But I don’t want to watch it. I wash dishes every day too. But there’s a reason no one pays to sit in my kitchen. (And yeah that was a lie but the point is still there even if it only happens 1-2 times a week but then there is added excitement like the how long does it take milk to solidify mystery)

And would a true soundtrack kill anyone? These movies are always full of so much damn silence. I know my life doesn’t have a soundtrack. But here’s a news flash I go to movies because they are supposed to be more interesting than life.

I think these movies are so well liked because you just spent the last two hours desperately clinging to those moments of brilliance like the life savers they are so they’re all you remember. That combined with the relief you feel from seeing the closing credits means you leave the theater feeling happy.


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