Help me please!!!

I am sad when spring/summer brings all of my good TV shows to an end, but I do love my mindless reality TV.  Kitchen Nightmares is starting soon and last night All Star Celebrity Apprentice premiered.

I was super excited because my favorite celebreality star (Bret Michaels) was back!  I love watching him, when he is performing, banging dumb/crazy chicks on Rock of Love, being a dad or fighting with Donald Trump.  He’s good TV.  He’s just dumb enough to say funny stuff, but smart enough to do well, and a decent enough guy to make you like him and root for him.

Seeing as I love him, I am not even going to get into the BULLSHIT that happened last night, but one of the final scenes left me wondering…

Slide1Now, I am used to seeing Amanda here pretending to write crap in her little book, whenever Donald tells her to send in the losers.  I’ve never given what she is writing or doodling or whatever more than a passing thought.

But last night, this question jumped out at me – What the hell is up with her pencil cup?  On TV, it half looked like dental tools.  I wondered, is she performing dentistry in her spare time?  The question plagued me so much last night that today I looked up the episode online, fast forwarded to this scene and paused the video.

Now I see that they are scissors, and not just any scissors, gold scissors, and not just a pair of scissors, but a veritable assload of scissors.

What does this woman with seemingly no function other than telling the losers they can go back inside, with a few seconds of fake writing, need with all those scissors?

Someone, please help me out here.  I have wasted so much brain power on this question already that I haven’t even begun to translate anything that Gary Busey said.

UPDATE: I am not the only person wondering about the scissors –


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