The discounted exercise obsession

I recently decided that I am getting fat, or more specifically, that my body is starting to change in ways I do not appreciate, while my weight stays fairly steady.  In talking to some other moms (months ago mind you), I got advice like “It happens when you get older.  You just have to keep working out,” to which I replied “or start”.

So like all things that are hard, I sat on the idea for awhile.  Then one of those same moms started posting on facebook about this bootcamp class she was going to.  And it sounded great!  She said she got to throw tires and beat up things with hammers and play dodge ball – all things that someone who tends to run angry and high strung like me could benefit from – for stress relief if nothing else.  Sounded much more relaxing than yoga!

I asked where she went and how much and then I got sticker shock – but alas there was a groupon, so I was in.  I went to my first class last week and it was so hard I nearly threw up, but I didn’t get bored, so I am going to keep at it, even though my abs hurt so much it was very similar to post-C-section recovery.  And I made plans to go this very morning, but my plans were derailed by an impromptu mommy play date and too much wine.  Unlike tequila, wine is not my magic juice.

Then there was a living social deal for a dance/fitness class in the city, right by Penn, that I could attend with my co-worker.  So I did that too!  Except the one class time that works for me is jazz dance class (not fitness at all), and if you know me at all or have seen me sitting in the corner at a wedding, you know how funny this is.  But I am doing it and actually enjoying it.

So I have gone from no exercise to 2 different programs, because when I do something, I really do it.  Some might say I obsess about it.  But what to do when the deals run out?  I can’t pay full price for my fitness!  How will I afford my Starbucks and my wine and my cookies and my ice cream?  I need all those things, especially after a really tough work out.



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