Shit I learned from Disney!

So as you know, we recently returned from our first trip to Disney with the kids.

In short, these are the lessons I learned:

1. Waking up at 4am to get on the first flight was a mistake.  We were all tired and cranky when we got there, especially since Danny was too fascinated with all the first class goodies to sleep on the flight.  He actually leaned back at one point and said “This is the life!”  And if you know my boy, you know that when he is awake, he is never quiet, so I didn’t get to sleep either.

2. You can take your kids and all of your baggage with you on the TSA Precheck line, just leaving your husband alone to be poked and prodded by airport security, “because mommy is extra cool!”

3. Disney really knows how to make things easy.  Checking begs was super painless since they retrieved them for us!

4. The Art of Animation resort:

  • The decor was far from classy/luxurious, but the kids loved the themed room
  • The extra space was great.  After a long day running through the parks with the kids, being able to sit on the bed alone with my own TV was priceless.  Not to mention, having two bathrooms came in extra handy.
  • We had a room overlooking the pool (which the kids loved) and I could hear music from the pool, but it was not at all annoying.  And on the plus side it meant that the pool, the pool bar (that served frozen margaritas long after the kids went to sleep), transportation, the gift shop, the arcade and the food court were all super convenient.
  • The pool bar makes a good margarita.
  • I never waited on any line for more 15-20 minutes at the resort or going to/from the parks.

5. Get the double stroller!  Yes, it’s nearly twice as much as the single stroller and your older kid has walked all over the place with no complaint for years now!  Don’t care.  Get the double stroller.  Trust me.

6. Your youngest/newly potty trained child will attempt to ruin all of your plans to sit down to a nice meal, even when reserved months in advance, with a variety of bodily functions that are best kept private.  I am still bitter about missing out on my 3-course Italian lunch, when my daughter decided to revisit breakfast.

7. My son is starting to blush and get shy around the ladies, namely the princesses.

8. My daughter has overcome her fear of the characters, except inexplicably for dog characters, which left me awkwardly posing alone with Goofy and Pluto, while Samantha shunned them.

9. My kids don’t like 3D shows where actual stuff blows out from the screen.

10. The Captain EO ride will leave you struggling in vain to convince your children that Michael Jackson was a REALLY big star and that he was, in fact, a man.  The ride will also leave you wondering why Anjelica Houston thought this was a good idea.


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