Disney Hopes

Tomorrow morning, bright and early (actually it will still be dark out), the sleeping kids will experience a bunch of firsts:

  1. The first time we actually want them up at 4am
  2. First ride in a black Lincoln town car
  3. First time being inside an airport and going through security
  4. First flight
  5. First visit to Disney!!

I am so excited to experience Disney with them.  It is one of our favorite places and where we went for our honeymoon.  I am sure they will love it just as much as I do, but I will not relax until after we have successfully gotten past step 4.

Danny has a self-proclaimed “fear of heights” and has experienced bouts of motion sickness.  I have very vivid memories of vomiting for an entire leg of my first plane ride when I was around his age.  I hope that doesn’t happen to him.

I hope they are cool with all the walking and running around involved in a theme park trip.

I hope Samantha is entertained by, rather than frightened by, the giant characters.

I hope we all get some much needed rest and relaxation.

Most of all, I hope that this trip is filled with happy memories that the kids will hold dear until we get back to Disney!




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