Lightening up my mood

I have been grumpy on and off for weeks, since my last post really.  And if I am going to be truly honest, the grumpiness has been “on” far more than it’s been “off”.

But my mood has slowly been improving since yesterday.  Yesterday, I spent the morning at my daughter’s school and today I finally got to watch one of her dance classes.  It was a girl power week.

Also, the work day was relatively easy, the kids left me alone to cook dinner and listen to Christmas music and now we are having a rare quiet boy playdate.

Tonight, after the kids go to bed, I have big plans.  I want to make salt dough ornaments for the kids to paint tomorrow.  I also want to dig around in the basement and find the old 1970’s-special aluminum tree I called my own as a kid.  The kids deserve their own Christmas tree too, right?

I don’t really think any of that will get done, but right now, the thoughts are making me happy.

Then tomorrow, I start preparations for Danny’s drive-in movie party.  I have 10 cardboard cars to make and paint.  Hope they don’t look like crap!

Sorry, this post really had no point.  But in case you were curious, my desk took until December to reach the “push crap aside to refill the printer paper tray” stage.



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