Thanks for a truly great weekend….now get out!

My good spirits lasted all weekend (and it was a long weekend), but now they are done and everyone needs to duck for cover.  And when the mood changed, I was completely alone, doing some dishes.  The damn dirty dishes did it.  (Even the alliteration is no help!)

Wednesday, I had some time to myself between finishing up work and starting my cooking and going to my son’s Thanksgiving party.  I got some hot chocolate, did some Christmas shopping and went for a walk.  I went to my son’s school where he was dressed like a pilgrim and listened to his whole class sing adorable songs.

That night I did more procrastinating than cooking, but Thursday went off without a hitch.  It was a great afternoon with family, followed by a relaxing evening.

Friday was totally stress free.  I invited over a friend for my daughter to play with.  While the little mommies took care of their babies, I did ALL of the thanksgiving dishes and then had time to sit with a magazine and a nice cup of coffee.

Saturday, my dad took the kids away so I could cook for my friends’ annual Autumnal feast.  Another fun, relaxing evening with my nearest and dearest.

Today, we had a commitment-free family day.  We made pancakes and bacon for breakfast and invited my son’s friend to come along with us to see Wreck-it Ralph.  It was an awesome movie, the kids were well behaved and Sam asked to go potty a number of times during the movie.  Another successful day.

Then I went to the store ALONE to get lunch supplies for the week and ingredients for my homemade mac and cheese dinner.

But then the sky darkened and so did my mood, for no reason at all.  I want to go and hide in my room, where no one will talk to me, but Chris is off to work, so I can’t do that!  Chicken nugget carpet picnic and Christmas movie night is my only hope!

UPDATE:  I managed to recognize and deal with my mood successfully.  No blow-ups and I am now happily alone!


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