Things that make you go AHHHHHHH!

If I had balls, this day would have kicked me squarely in them.

It started when I woke up in a horrific mood – for no reason at all.

The universe felt this bad mood warranted punishment and started pelting me with reasons….all before I had my first cup of coffee.

The first hit came when I was leaving the house late to drop my son off at school.  When I reached the car, I realized his car seat was missing.  Somehow, the boy was able to miraculously get to school anyway.

Then as we are walking to school, I realized my key ring felt a little lighter today, because a very important key was missing – the one that would allow Samantha and me back into the house.

Luckily, I thought our basement door isn’t locked, because it never is.  Of course, today is the one day the door actually locked.

No problem, I will climb through the kitchen window or at least grab my phone or my wallet off the counter.  But no, my husband actually listened and locked all the windows as I had asked him to last week.  Sure, about this, he decides not to procrastinate.

So there we are standing outside in 40 degree weather (wearing our pajamas under our coats), with no means of getting in and no means of calling for help.

So we drive to my husband’s party store, which was closed at the time and start banging on the door.  His car is in the lot so I know he is in there, but there is no one in sight.  So I bang and bang and bang and shake the door.  I assume they are hiding in the back ignoring the crazy customer who can’t read the closed sign.  Little did I know, my husband was in the back frantically calling my home phone and my cell phone worrying about where I could possibly be and what horrible things might have happened to me.

He was shaking with worry by the time he found us standing outside looking all crazy-like with our pajamas and our unkempt bed heads.  All I could mutter was “KEYS, CAR SEAT….NOW!”  He hopped to it and the girl and I were on our way.

The rest of the day was better, but my mood never improved….and only worsened when a collection of incompetent drivers made a 5 minute drive last 20 minutes and culminate in my newly potty trained daughter peeing in her brand new boots on our front stoop.

Day, you can bite me!


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