Snow day!! Oh… Snow day!!

So we were hit with another storm.  But once I realized we weren’t going to lose power or heat, I began to get excited about it.

I spent the better part of the night, tiptoeing out of my room, staring out the window above the stairs, the same window I always watched when I was a kid, with the same little voice in my head, whispering “Snow day!  Snow day!  Snow day!”

I kept reminding myself that a snow day meant two kids stuck at home with me, while I still had to work.  But the little voice persisted.  Despite all of the inconveniences a snow day would bring, the child inside me still desperately wanted one.

What is it about a snow day that brings a little bit of joy to my heart?

(Also, what is it about cold weather that makes me want to blog, blog, blog?)


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