Election Day has come and gone…

…And now hopefully, I can look at Facebook, ride a train or stand in line, etc., without being bombarded by the extreme and often misinformed opinions of others.  I am sick of it, regardless of your stance.

Now I just have to wait for the “Why are Americans so dumb?” Republican anger to die down on Facebook and we will be all good again.

There have been many articles this morning referencing a need for change in the current Republican party.  It has been referred to as:

And I welcome these changes.  I think this quote said it best:

President Barack Obama did not just win reelection tonight. His victory signaled the irreversible triumph of a new, 21st-century America: multiracial, multi-ethnic, global in outlook and moving beyond centuries of racial, sexual, marital and religious tradition.

It would be great if the Republican party was more in line with this “new America”, my America.

If you know me at all, you know who I voted for, so I won’t try to hide it.  I voted for Obama.  But I am not a Democratic zealot.  I won’t tell you that were dumb, uninformed or anti-feminist for voting for Romney.  I don’t think Obama is going to save the world.

I just couldn’t in good conscience, attend a female friend’s wedding to another female, watch them exchange long-awaited vows, dance with their daughter, feel the love in the room and vote for Romney, a man who says that he is committed to ensuring that marriage is defined as being between a man and a woman in all states.

I couldn’t support us going backwards.  I couldn’t support a country where my son or daughter might not be able to stand up in front of all their loved ones and commit their lives to the people they choose.  I couldn’t support a party that wants to reduce my daughter’s right to choose.  I know my kids won’t be in any of these positions during the next presidential term, but I need to stand up for these things now, to help ensure that the country will increase in tolerance during their lifetimes.

I know there is still much work to be done, particularly with the economy and I hope to see Obama succeed in leading a united country to a brighter future over the next 4 years.

And I am anxious to see work being done within the Republican party so that in the next election, I will have a Republican candidate that doesn’t oppose all the beliefs that I hold dear.  If they could level the playing field a bit, maybe I can be a political zealot next time!  This guy or gal supports my most important beliefs and he/she will save the world!

Here’s hoping.


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