Back to life; back to reality

It has been a *#~!?!*¥<+^!! week. Insert relevant adjective.

What kind of week you ask? (I am just assuming you want to know or you wouldn't be reading this right?). I shall of course tell you but first allow me to preface this by saying that I went out for celebratory drinks (really a drink and a few sips) mere moments ago and I, a boring mother of two small children, have zero tolerance so I am somewhat inebriated.

Anyway, you were asking what kind of week: (here is where I would normally provide you with a neatly bulleted list but I can't find the bullets on my iPad so you shall have to do without)

First it was a week that began with a hastily planned Halloween get-together that was scheduled to arrive mere hours before Hurricane sandy was expected. I have bad luck when it comes to party planning and bad weather. Ask anyone. Luckily the weather held off and the party was a success. I think we were all grateful that the kids got to dress up in their costumes and run around with friends before the whole hurricane of the unknown hit. I don't think any of us expected to be without power and virtually isolated for the week but I think we all feared it.

The next day the storm started her approach (I use a gender specific pronoun here because we insist on naming our storms – not sure why). Our town was feeling the effects long before the storm made landfall, main roads were flooded, areas were being evacuated. Luckily we were on "safe" ground so we just waited. This was the first time I felt lucky. Since we live on a hill it was unlikely we would see any flooding. We got to stay in our home. My husband was even able to leave work early so I didn't have to worry about him driving home through the worst of it. Plus we never lost power at all during Irene so we would surely be fine this time around too, right? Worst comes to worse we had some flashlights, we naively thought.

Little did we know that we would lose power that Monday night at 8pm and not get it back until this past Saturday at around 7:30pm. So it was indeed a week.

But again through what little news I could get, I still felt lucky and grateful. We were all safe and everyone I loved was safe too. I felt lucky to have kids who could dance and giggle in the dark.

I am grateful for the kindness of strangers, now friends. I felt lucky that the roof over our heads was strong and that my darling infuriating children were safe and sound enough to be infuriating.

I am glad that we ignored the towns instructions to not go trick or treating and that we got to see all the neighborhood kids gleefully join together to tackle the town even if the town only consisted of a few blocks.

Lastly I am grateful that we got to cap off the week with a family celebration where I learned that the kids love the spotlight. My kids hogged the dance floor and even break danced (WTF??). My daughter jumped in front of the camera every chance she got and we caught my son dancing in front of the mirror more times than I would like to admit. But I am glad they see themselves as the superstars I do. Believe me I subjected more than a few people to videos of my angels getting down today.

By the way, at the end of the week I sat down the kids and I said "I have to tell you I am really proud of you guys. You really handled all of this very well."

The boy very calmly replied "I have to tell you something, you guys did not handle it well. You and daddy were always like 'ugh I want to watch tv wah wah!"

In closing the one question I have is "who the hell raised this brat?"


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