I might just start a meth lab

Today was a terrible day, not in a world tragedy day, but in a Murphy’s Law kind of way.

First, I leave my wallet home.  Then on my way in to work, I realize I am not going to make it through the day without decongestants.  But I can’t buy any, because my license is home.  I would have better luck buying  a bottle of booze than something to treat my cold.  Apparently, I am a convincing old person (no ID needed) but fail to convince anyone that I am not going to produce meth.  Go figure!  Luckily, my good buddy Brooke saved me by smuggling pseudoephedrine to an unlicensed user, so I haven’t drowned in my own snot….yet.

Then my work day is 13 hours long, 10 hours of which are being spent in a facility time warp, where only electronics from the early 1990s are allowed.  Oh and no one here wants to do their jobs, and frankly I am too sick and tired to do it for them.

Once I can escape the time warp at 10pm tonight I get to go home and pack for my 4:30am pick-up tomorrow.

I think a meth lab would be easier.  But at least my flight ends in Austin, my new favorite place (no meth required).


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