Hey there!

I was told today that it had been forever since I last posted something.  And it’s true.  I suppose I haven’t had much of value to say, but screw it, let’s chat!

These are the things that are currently on my mind:

  • I am watching the Halloween episode of Chopped and I have two thoughts.  Do you think they saved this witch looking lady for the Halloween episode?  They were like “this bitch is too freaky looking to put on TV.  OH YES!  The Halloween episode!”  And if there are ingredients that could potentially send the judges to the hospital if they eat them, why the hell are these ingredients in the basket?
  • I am also thinking of my alcohol habits.  As I aged there came a point in time when I started getting hangovers, so I restricted myself to wine.  Then I learned that one glass of wine is really my limit before I wake up feeling like death.  At some point, I then decided I would throw caution to the wind and drink tequila.  And really one shot of tequila (either straight or in a margarita) is never enough for me, so I always end up having at least 3 (4 shots last night and some coffee drink).  And this is the second time I got really truly drunk on good tequila and woke up feeling great!  Happy, energetic, feeling better than I had in days.  Therefore, I have come to a scientifically proven discovery – tequila is my magic juice.
  • Hm, what else?  Apparently when I sit down to type all of the random thoughts I have running through my head, my mind goes completely blank.
  • Always freaks me out when people say “wicked good”.  Not sure why.
  • I have decided that I should top off my business trip next week with a Halloween costume party playdate….with 18 3-5 year olds.  Sounds like a fantastic idea, doesn’t it?  Let’s put a bunch of small children (most of them boys) in costumes, so they can feel less responsible for their actions and give them some cake and sugar.  Whoo hoo, it’s a party!  Thankfully, I have a secret weapon, my very good friend who has promised to break out her teacher voice if things get extreme.
  • I am saying Whoo Hoo far too much lately.  Who knew I had this much enthusiasm?
  • Doodles – Creative Thinking & Design now has a website (still a work in progress), a phone number and a blog and we have the cutest little business cards.  It’s all very exciting.  If only there were people willing to pay us.  But our first project – a comedy night benefiting the National MS Society – was seemingly a success!  So that’s a good start.
  • Tomorrow, I will make meat loaf for dinner.  Yum!
  • ……hmmm….yeah, so loving this fall weather.

Okay, I suppose I shall give up on having coherent thoughts now.  In closing, I shall remind you of the most important part of this blog, which is one of the reasons I have bolded it – tequila is my magic juice.  Got it?  Good.


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