A study in opposites

Both of my kids have now survived their first day of school and it clearly emphasized how different my son and daughter are.

For weeks beforehand:

HE cried about his impending kindergarten career, saying he was not ready and he wasn’t going to go!

SHE eagerly anticipated the start of the school year, talking about all the friends she would play with.

On the first day of school:

HE threw a giant shit fit starting in the car on the way to school that got worse and worse as my husband dragged him to the door and threw him in.  (Luckily, each day the drop-off has gotten less and less painful.  Perhaps, tomorrow he will even go inside willingly!)

SHE chose an outfit and accessories, woke up early and made me leave the house 20 minutes early because she was so excited.

When the first day was over:

HE came out smiling but denied that he had a good day.  He didn’t do anything, learn anything or play with anything.  He hated kindergarten!  (But he had no actual complaints, so I called it a good first day.)

SHE came out smiling and laughing and didn’t want to leave.  She said she spent her one hour of school “making art”.  And for important clarification purposes, you cannot refer to her art as a drawing.  IT IS ART!


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