I have a dirty little secret…

Now that I have your attention, I am not sure how secret it is.  If you know me at all, you know how bad I am with secrets, and it’s not really dirty, unless the chocolate smudges, which I try to avoid, because it might give me away.

I am a secret snacker.  I know my eating habits are appalling, but I want my kids to be better, so rather than improve my eating habits, I sneak around.

I buy mini ice cream sandwiches, because they are easier to shove into my mouth should a child enter the room.  I open up both doors of the kitchen cabinet to hide my mouthful of Oreos while I make dinner.  I grab a bag of Reese’s peanut butter cups at the checkout line and eat them by the fistful on my way home to make a healthy dinner for the children.

I buy an assortment of fruit, yogurt and veggies for the kids to munch on and when they want a snack, they are for more likely to ask for carrots or cheese or cheerios than cookies.  It never fails to amuse me that I have kids who not only eat carrots, but like them and like them enough to snack on them before bed!  Vegetables as a snack!  That’s some kind of crazy!  I watch them with amusement, put them to bed and then stuff my face with ice cream.

This is not to say that the kids don’t like cookies or cake or ice cream.  They do and I rarely say no when they ask for it.  They don’t feel deprived, they just have better habits.

So I shall call that a success.  If they can grow up to be “one ice cream sandwich is enough” kind of people, I will feel like I have done my job.

In the meantime, I will nag Chris to make room for some exercise equipment, because for some unknown reason my clothes aren’t fitting the way I would like.  But a nice ice cream sandwich (or 3) is the best stress reliever I’ve found and I will not give up the habit!


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