The end of summer is nigh

And before you start thinking I am being depressing AGAIN….I am totally okay with it, happy even.

I know I spend the winter after Christmas longing for warm days, eating outside, splashing around in the kiddy pool, etc., but right now, I am over it.

I am looking forward to going on vacation next week and saying goodbye to summer.  I want to spend my nights cuddled under a blanket with a mug of hot cocoa in hand.  I want to spend my days simmering sauce over a hot stove.  I want to wear sweaters and boots and flannel and fleece pajamas.

I want to escape the heat and get cozy.  I look forward to the first days of school, making new friends and getting some peace and quiet.

I can’t wait to pick out Halloween costumes and cuddle up in a sweater begging for candy throughout the neighborhood.

I want to bake all of the holiday themed treats I have been pinning all summer, cakes shaped like ghosts, cookies shaped like witch hats.  And the art projects!  All the art projects – kids hands in the shape of Christmas trees, turkey place cards, ghost pictures made of tiny footprints.  The list goes on and on.

We have so many projects to work on in the house that are too hot to even contemplate now.  We have a playroom to finish and enjoy, curled up in a blanket with hot cocoa in hand of course.  I have a closet to finish cleaning.  I want to make room for the exercise equipment we are stealing from my brother-in-law and maybe even use it!

I want to make real plans for Danny’s pinterest inspired drive-in movie birthday party.  I want to decorate for Christmas!  Seeing my house all done up for Christmas brings back so many memories.  I can almost picture myself as a little girl wandering through the rooms sparkling with Christmas lights from the two trees we had imagining myself in an enchanted forest.

So yes, goodbye summer heat!  Hello cuddling, flannel, yummy, cozy foods and childhood memories – old and new!


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