I am lucky

I’ve had a rough week at work, hell a rough month.  I started out the day grumpy, sleep-deprived and a general horror to be around.  But I finished my workday in a timely fashion, hours earlier than anyone else in the office and had a wonderful afternoon with the kids at my son’s camp luau.

It was there that I was told I was lucky for the third time this week.  It was about something small.  Last night, I was supposed to do online groups at home, until midnight, but my power went out, so I did a mad rush to a hotel to make it all happen, which was beyond stressful.  But everything turned out great and my husband even came and stayed over, all on the company dime (hence my luck).  So it was a successful evening with some fun and I now have a good story to tell.

My life and my job are rarely boring.  So this afternoon, I started to really focus on all the ways I was lucky.  When we came home from the luau, the kids and I did my standard I am tired dinner and carpet picnic and we did a lot of cuddling.  I realized I had been smiling all afternoon – a stark contrast to my fire breathing mood, mere hours earlier.  After I tucked the kids in, I was coming downstairs to write a post all about how lucky I was feeling to be me today.

That is the precise moment I got a phone call that saddened me deeply, not because the news I received is going to impact my life in any tangible way, but because of who I am as a person and because of the impact it will have on the lives of others, people I care about.  I am not going to say anything more about this, because it’s not my news, not my tragedy.  But through my sadness, I realized again, I am lucky, and what better time to focus on what is good in the world than now.

So my blog post shall go on as planned, even if it is now largely to cheer myself up.

The main reason I think I am lucky is that my life has two wonderful sides.  I get to go to my kid’s luaus and soccer games and cuddle and watch movies while I work, and I get to have this career that I find fulfilling and endlessly interesting, all at the same time.

Yesterday, I was talking to neurologists and sailing enthusiasts all in one day!  Last week, I was in Mexico talking about french fries.  Next week, I get to go to San Diego (one of my favorite cities) to talk about a website and hopefully have some free time to finish up my book.  And more often than not, I get to work with some really great people.  Even though I often find my job exhausting and sometimes overwhelming, I do truly love it and how many people can say that?  Not very many.

I had lots more good stuff to share, but I am tired and don’t remember much more about it, so I shall post this and sign off.  I am going to sniff my new Kate Spade purse (Happy Birthday!), check in on my sleeping angels and curl up in bed with Hell’s Kitchen.

And I going to try to continue to appreciate all that I have and all the people I love.


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