Another home away from home

As you know, I travel a lot and there are a number of cities that have begun to feel like home.  These cities tend to fall into two different groups.

Cities I go to A LOT, like Dallas, Los Angeles, Boston.  In these cities:

  • I know the airport like the back of my hand.
  • The hotel employees recognize me.  I know the different room layouts, have preferences and feel comfortable there.  I don’t have the “I am not sleeping in my own bed” feeling that keeps me from sleeping.
  • I have a routine there, that is just for that place, and I schedule my work around that routine.  In Dallas, I set aside time to go to the mall.  It is my favorite mall in the whole country.  In Los Angeles, I make sure I have time to eat breakfast outside at the W Westwood restaurant (assuming they will let me – I get strange looks when it is 40 degrees) and I go for a walk around Westwood at some point.
  • I even have a food routine.  I have at least one Starbucks location I frequent in each of these cities.  In Boston, I have to get the seafood risotto.  In Dallas, I must get Five Guys, and will even ask the hotel to get it for me, if my flight is running late.  In Los Angeles, I must get Diddy Reise, In n Out Burger and often some Jamba Juice.

And cities that have a definite feel/personality that fit my personality, like Boston, San Diego and now Austin.  These cities:

  • Know who they are and shout about it, especially Austin and San Diego.  Boston has a quieter feel, but it’s a Northeast vibe that I enjoy.
  • Have cool stores, boutiques, etc., especially with a homemade/artsy feel.
  • Are walkable
  • Have a history
  • Value food in all its forms, from cheap to fancy.

I am very happy to have just added Austin to this list.  I am currently on the flight home from my first trip there.  Within moments of getting off the plane, I knew what Austin would be like and it made me smile.  I only spent a few hours exploring the city, but I definitely fell in love with the culture, the food (best margarita and best fish taco I have ever had at Guero’s) and the people.  Next time I come and there will be a next time, possibly even with the family, I shall be touring all the food trucks, especially the one with the Electric Cock sign, because how could I not?

And I will be capping off the month with a trip to San Diego, with tons of downtime, so Yay!


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  1. Next time you’re in Austin you should check out the Alamo Drafthouse. It’s an Austin Based theater chain/restaurant/bar where they serve you at your seat. Apparently a nice selection of modern movies and older fare, with occasional theme nights etc. Thats of course if you have time to take in a film. We’re apparently getting one in NYC next year ( which will make it one of two outside Texas.)

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