Resolution – Update 1

Last week, I mentioned my intention to set aside 30 minutes each day for purposeful “me time”.  I will start out by saying, I didn’t do it.  But I think it has been a successful week anyway.

Each day, I thought about how I would schedule in that half hour.  I came up with lots of ideas:

  1. Wake up before the kids to ensure I was still awake enough to appreciate the time – the problem was, I wasn’t…awake that is.  I kept sleeping through it.
  2. Leave the family and take the alone time – I am sure I will be thrilled to do this sometimes, but this week, I liked my family.  I have been traveling a lot lately and I missed the husband and children.
  3. Stay up late to read or work on my book – Again, too damn tired, which has always been my downfall, hence my first plan.

But I definitely feel one thing changing this week – Each day I thought about myself and doing something just for me – something I and most moms (I think) often neglect to do.  And in doing that, I realized a couple of things:

  • Nothing and no one is stopping me from having me time, except for me.  I could get up earlier, I could drink more coffee and stay up later, I could go out or escape.  I could ask for more help.  I just don’t.
  • It’s not about time or energy.  It’s about my mindset.

So I think I purposely set aside time for myself once this week so far when the kids were busy playing and I have some “me time” coming up tonight when my husband will be taking the kids to the doctor.

But every day I did something for myself.  I made myself a dinner that I knew only I would eat, I actually made myself lunch (rather than feeding the kids and ignoring myself as I usually do), I really enjoyed a glass of wine, I read a book, I worked on my book a little, and lastly, I threw myself into cooking delicious dinners for the family (tonight part of my “me time” will consist of making grilled pork chops with homemade BBQ sauce and cheddar bay biscuits).

And I think my mood is much improved as a result.  I do plan to continue to try to carve out this time for myself and to keep you guys posted on how it’s working.  If I forget to post, please remind me, because if I am forgetting to write about it, chances are I am also forgetting to do it and feeling stressed and resentful as a result.


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