Pinatas – Good clean fun or pure insanity?

There is little kids love more than a pinata full of candy and cheap toys.  They come running for it, like you’ve promised them gold.

I remember when I was a kid, and sometimes even now, some (very brave) adult would blindfold each child and hand him/her a bat and let them swing literally blindly at this thing until it broke, sending candy and all the kids all over the ground.

But, what?  A blindfold and a bat1?!?!?  Whose great idea was this?  These kids can barely walk in a straight line without falling over at this age and we are going to trust them with a bat?  When they are blinded?

So now, I still get the kids a pinata, but instead of letting them beat at it and possibly each other, there are these little ribbons to pull.  Does it ruin some of the fun and anticipation?  A little, but there are no permanent pinata injuries (some people are literally scarred for life).



3 responses

  1. I’d much rather give Brendan a ribbon than a bat. That’s kid’s unpredictable. And besides, the kids were plenty excited about all the stuff that fell out, and there was still the scramble. The only thing missing from the ribbon-pinata experience is the one or two kids sniffling in the corner with black eyes.

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