Pre-trip guilt trips

I am sitting in the airport waiting to begin a six day business trip…on a Sunday. Usually when I leave on a Sunday I try to do it later in the evening but I have a client to meet with tonight and a lot of material to review and a 12 hour day tomorrow so I decided I needed to get in early enough to get some sleep.

The kids slept over grandmas house last night because Chris and I had broadway show tickets that were purchased months and months ago. They didn’t arrive home until 12pm so I was literally counting the hours I could spend with them before I had to leave…4 hours. Samantha of course decides that for these 4 hours daddy is her absolute favorite person and they had to work in the basement together. Danny was owed some wii time so he busied himself with that. Luckily he was eager to let me play with him so he could scold when my skills fell below his expectations.

Then it was time to leave and he flipped the fuck out like he hasn’t done since he was two, crying that he only wants to hang out with his mommy!! Like I didn’t feel bad enough missing his last week of preschool. He spent the first ten minutes of the airport trip begging me to stay. (Samantha kindly suggested I get a car to pick me up by the way.) Then I remembered that angry birds in space released the donut board and the crying stopped….at least until we got to the airport and I took my phone back.

Somehow that round of crying didn’t make me feel as bad. I know the iPad will get a lot of use tonight!


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