Happy Birthday to my infuriating little girl!

Three years ago today, I finally got to meet Samantha Jean.  We had had her name chosen before my son was even born, so it felt like I was waiting for her for years, not just 9 months.

Consistent with my pregnancy, she was a lovely, easy baby.  She wasn’t the best sleeper, but would sit happily in a bouncy chair just smiling at the world.  She rarely cried or fussed.  And her smile could light up a room – still does if you can see it through all the hair she likes to keep in her face.

This is the first birthday that she has actively anticipated, so I felt a whole new level of pressure for her party.  I wanted her to think that everything was bootiful!

I think she was pleased, despite the fact that she yelled “NO” every time I asked if she had fun.

She has been singing/yelling about her birthday all weekend.  She has been singing Happy Birthday and yelling “I turning 3!!!” while stabbing her index in the air to punctuate her point.

She sure does frustrate me, but even when she is driving me crazy, I think she is absolutely amazing and I am so proud to call her my daughter!


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