How I used our wedding cards…from 2004

After our wedding, we sat down in our hotel room and opened up all the cards.  Romantic, huh?

We counted the cash and of course, read all the well wishes.  And the cards were so pretty and thoughtfully chosen, I wanted to save them.  But I didn’t want to just throw them in a box.

I wanted to do something special with them.  My usually non-crafty mind came up with an idea – I would somehow create a collage with all of the cards and a wedding photo.  I was sold on the idea.

But being a non-crafty person, I kept the cards in the satin bag and put them in my nightstand to craft with someday.

Someday actually happened during our stay-cation.  I was in Michael’s buying supplies for my dining room chairs and I went to the frame aisle and picked up a shadow box.  The next day I pulled out that satin bag and started cutting up the cards – a word or phrase from some, a heart or a flower from others, a border from another – until I had at least one piece from every card we received.

Then I glanced through our wedding photos and found one where we looked  genuinely happy with a pretty background and put it all together.

This was the result:

Side notes:

  • At some point during that boat trip, I realized that I put Chris’ wedding ring on his right hand.
  • We also spent much of the trip laughing about how a bird pooped on our minister during the ceremony.
  • You can see my reflection as well as the reflection of the laundry baskets I was using to clean out my messy closet.  I am still not a photographer.  This entire project is an exercise in procrastination, because I was tired of organizing clothes.

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