Staycation Status Update

So a couple of weeks ago, I posted this to-do list.  As anticipated, I didn’t get it all done, but I did a lot done and did some extra stuff I have been wanting to do for ages!

  • Sand and paint the side and back doors.  I did the front door last summer and started the back door.  That’s as far as I got.
  • Do some organization work in the kitchen like add this shelf on the window.  SADLY, MY WINDOW IS TOO BIG FOR THAT SHELF OR ANY OTHER I CAN FIND.  I AM ON THE LOOKOUT FOR NEW, FANCIER CURTAIN RODS THOUGH.
  • And plant some herbs to put on the shelf, so I can stop buying herbs only to use 2 pieces and let the rest rot in the fridge.  I PLANTED HERBS IN A PLANTER ON MY BACK  RAIL.
  • I also want to reorganize the cabinets and create a place in the back entrance for the kids to put their own stuff away (that is not the floor or kitchen table).
  • Frame some vintage ads I saved years ago and put them up in the kitchen
  • Possibly buy some wall vases for the kitchen to store/display all of the flower weeds my kids keep picking for me.
  • Paint the washroom door with chalkboard paint.
  • Organize my desk area, by adding some wall storage, despite my husband’s stance that I cannot mount everything.  STORAGE HAS BEEN ADDED.  CAN’T SAY I ORGANIZED ANYTHING THOUGH.
  • Clean out the cluster-fuck (there is no better word) otherwise known as my bedroom closet.  MADE TONS OF PROGRESS, BUT CAN’T CALL IT DONE.
  • Supervise Chris’ yard work and planting.
  • Do general cleaning/toy organizing.
  • Go to the dentist, get Danny’s casts changed, maybe get my hair done.  Hair appointment is in a few hours.
  • Take the boy to a birthday party.  And so is the boy’s birthday party.
  • Have some fun.

And I changed the upholstery on the dining room chairs and made a shadow box from a wedding picture and our cards.  We are approaching our 8th anniversary, FYI.  And I have been wanting to reupholster my dining room chairs since I was old enough to recognize how ugly they were, so that has been on my list for decades.

The front yard is looking great.  Chris took down the ugly fence that has been an eyesore for ages.  And he planted hydrangea bushes and dug out the flower beds in front, so they are ready for fresh planting!

I will be posting some pictures, because I am super proud of the results, but today and tomorrow, I am being lazy, so they will have to wait.


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