More about my gynecology

Is gynecology a word?  I have no idea.  (Now, that I’ve had more coffee, I realize of course, it’s a word, but oh well.)  Anyway, consider the title your warning to stop reading if you don’t want to read about my birth control methods.

Here we go.  So I am getting an IUD tomorrow.  This is a decision I have been mulling over literally since Samantha was born, so nearly 3 years.

I knew I didn’t want to worry about daily birth control and the NuvaRing just did not work for me, but I was hesitant.  Even though this is far from a permanent fix and can be reversed at any time, a 5-year birth control felt like a major commitment.  I know it’s completely irrational, but it was there nonetheless.  I just kept putting it off.

Were we sure we didn’t want a third kid?  Our kids are so cute.  A third might be a lovely addition, but where would we put him/her?  How would we afford to feed/clothe it?  And where would I find the patience?  My sanity is tested regularly with two.

I know people say all the time that money is not a reason to limit the number of kids you have, but isn’t it?  I know there are plenty of people who have 3+ kids, who make far less than we do and they make do.  They use hand me downs and they buy toys at garage sales and they cook inexpensive meals that can stretch.  But is that us?  Are we a make-do kind of family?

When we nearly had to make the decision to not send our daughter to school at 2 years old like we had sent her brother, I was so sad, that the thought of it brought me to tears.  I knew then that I wasn’t a make do kind of girl.  I don’t have it in me.

I also knew if I kept putting it off, we would end up with a third kid, while I was deciding if I wanted one.  My husband is quite happy with the two and we regularly rely on my mother in law and my dad to help out with the kids and I think they are also quite happy with the two, so we decided, at a minimum, there would be no third kid….for now.

Luckily, I have new toddler in my life who happily serves as the youngest member of our family and our kids happily step in as her older siblings.  And my kids’ friends have a baby sister I got to snuggle with the other day….and happily hand off so the mom could breastfeed.

It’s nice to be able to call your boobs your own.


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