Happy Birthday to my infuriating little girl!

Three years ago today, I finally got to meet Samantha Jean.  We had had her name chosen before my son was even born, so it felt like I was waiting for her for years, not just 9 months.

Consistent with my pregnancy, she was a lovely, easy baby.  She wasn’t the best sleeper, but would sit happily in a bouncy chair just smiling at the world.  She rarely cried or fussed.  And her smile could light up a room – still does if you can see it through all the hair she likes to keep in her face.

This is the first birthday that she has actively anticipated, so I felt a whole new level of pressure for her party.  I wanted her to think that everything was bootiful!

I think she was pleased, despite the fact that she yelled “NO” every time I asked if she had fun.

She has been singing/yelling about her birthday all weekend.  She has been singing Happy Birthday and yelling “I turning 3!!!” while stabbing her index in the air to punctuate her point.

She sure does frustrate me, but even when she is driving me crazy, I think she is absolutely amazing and I am so proud to call her my daughter!


How I used our wedding cards…from 2004

After our wedding, we sat down in our hotel room and opened up all the cards.  Romantic, huh?

We counted the cash and of course, read all the well wishes.  And the cards were so pretty and thoughtfully chosen, I wanted to save them.  But I didn’t want to just throw them in a box.

I wanted to do something special with them.  My usually non-crafty mind came up with an idea – I would somehow create a collage with all of the cards and a wedding photo.  I was sold on the idea.

But being a non-crafty person, I kept the cards in the satin bag and put them in my nightstand to craft with someday.

Someday actually happened during our stay-cation.  I was in Michael’s buying supplies for my dining room chairs and I went to the frame aisle and picked up a shadow box.  The next day I pulled out that satin bag and started cutting up the cards – a word or phrase from some, a heart or a flower from others, a border from another – until I had at least one piece from every card we received.

Then I glanced through our wedding photos and found one where we looked  genuinely happy with a pretty background and put it all together.

This was the result:

Side notes:

  • At some point during that boat trip, I realized that I put Chris’ wedding ring on his right hand.
  • We also spent much of the trip laughing about how a bird pooped on our minister during the ceremony.
  • You can see my reflection as well as the reflection of the laundry baskets I was using to clean out my messy closet.  I am still not a photographer.  This entire project is an exercise in procrastination, because I was tired of organizing clothes.

Staycation Status Update

So a couple of weeks ago, I posted this to-do list.  As anticipated, I didn’t get it all done, but I did a lot done and did some extra stuff I have been wanting to do for ages!

  • Sand and paint the side and back doors.  I did the front door last summer and started the back door.  That’s as far as I got.
  • Do some organization work in the kitchen like add this shelf on the window.  SADLY, MY WINDOW IS TOO BIG FOR THAT SHELF OR ANY OTHER I CAN FIND.  I AM ON THE LOOKOUT FOR NEW, FANCIER CURTAIN RODS THOUGH.
  • And plant some herbs to put on the shelf, so I can stop buying herbs only to use 2 pieces and let the rest rot in the fridge.  I PLANTED HERBS IN A PLANTER ON MY BACK  RAIL.
  • I also want to reorganize the cabinets and create a place in the back entrance for the kids to put their own stuff away (that is not the floor or kitchen table).
  • Frame some vintage ads I saved years ago and put them up in the kitchen
  • Possibly buy some wall vases for the kitchen to store/display all of the flower weeds my kids keep picking for me.
  • Paint the washroom door with chalkboard paint.
  • Organize my desk area, by adding some wall storage, despite my husband’s stance that I cannot mount everything.  STORAGE HAS BEEN ADDED.  CAN’T SAY I ORGANIZED ANYTHING THOUGH.
  • Clean out the cluster-fuck (there is no better word) otherwise known as my bedroom closet.  MADE TONS OF PROGRESS, BUT CAN’T CALL IT DONE.
  • Supervise Chris’ yard work and planting.
  • Do general cleaning/toy organizing.
  • Go to the dentist, get Danny’s casts changed, maybe get my hair done.  Hair appointment is in a few hours.
  • Take the boy to a birthday party.  And so is the boy’s birthday party.
  • Have some fun.

And I changed the upholstery on the dining room chairs and made a shadow box from a wedding picture and our cards.  We are approaching our 8th anniversary, FYI.  And I have been wanting to reupholster my dining room chairs since I was old enough to recognize how ugly they were, so that has been on my list for decades.

The front yard is looking great.  Chris took down the ugly fence that has been an eyesore for ages.  And he planted hydrangea bushes and dug out the flower beds in front, so they are ready for fresh planting!

I will be posting some pictures, because I am super proud of the results, but today and tomorrow, I am being lazy, so they will have to wait.

Dream –> Experiment

I had a weird dream that I wrote a blog post all about CRACK.  And I always wrote it in capital letters, no idea why.  If I remember correctly, I wrote the post solely to see how many people would come across my blog while doing an internet search for CRACK.  Do people search for CRACK on the internet?

I have no idea.  But I guess we shall see.

This has the added bonus of downgrading my post about gynecology to the second position on my blog.

More about my gynecology

Is gynecology a word?  I have no idea.  (Now, that I’ve had more coffee, I realize of course, it’s a word, but oh well.)  Anyway, consider the title your warning to stop reading if you don’t want to read about my birth control methods.

Here we go.  So I am getting an IUD tomorrow.  This is a decision I have been mulling over literally since Samantha was born, so nearly 3 years.

I knew I didn’t want to worry about daily birth control and the NuvaRing just did not work for me, but I was hesitant.  Even though this is far from a permanent fix and can be reversed at any time, a 5-year birth control felt like a major commitment.  I know it’s completely irrational, but it was there nonetheless.  I just kept putting it off.

Were we sure we didn’t want a third kid?  Our kids are so cute.  A third might be a lovely addition, but where would we put him/her?  How would we afford to feed/clothe it?  And where would I find the patience?  My sanity is tested regularly with two.

I know people say all the time that money is not a reason to limit the number of kids you have, but isn’t it?  I know there are plenty of people who have 3+ kids, who make far less than we do and they make do.  They use hand me downs and they buy toys at garage sales and they cook inexpensive meals that can stretch.  But is that us?  Are we a make-do kind of family?

When we nearly had to make the decision to not send our daughter to school at 2 years old like we had sent her brother, I was so sad, that the thought of it brought me to tears.  I knew then that I wasn’t a make do kind of girl.  I don’t have it in me.

I also knew if I kept putting it off, we would end up with a third kid, while I was deciding if I wanted one.  My husband is quite happy with the two and we regularly rely on my mother in law and my dad to help out with the kids and I think they are also quite happy with the two, so we decided, at a minimum, there would be no third kid….for now.

Luckily, I have new toddler in my life who happily serves as the youngest member of our family and our kids happily step in as her older siblings.  And my kids’ friends have a baby sister I got to snuggle with the other day….and happily hand off so the mom could breastfeed.

It’s nice to be able to call your boobs your own.