Staycation to-do list

Next week, Chris and I took off work to do things around the house, maybe do a few fun things after the kids get off school.  We agreed to write a list of all the things we hope to accomplish.  I figured I would write my list here, so I feel some semblance of accountability (not that that helped in February, but whatever).

  • Sand and paint the side and back doors.  I did the front door last summer and started the back door.  That’s as far as I got.
  • Do some organization work in the kitchen like add this shelf on the window.  And plant some herbs to put on the shelf, so I can stop buying herbs only to use 2 pieces and let the rest rot in the fridge.  I also want to reorganize the cabinets and create a place in the back entrance for the kids to put their own stuff away (that is not the floor or kitchen table).
  • Frame some vintage ads I saved years ago and put them up in the kitchen
  • Possibly buy some wall vases for the kitchen to store/display all of the flower weeds my kids keep picking for me.
  • Paint the washroom door with chalkboard paint.
  • Organize my desk area, by adding some wall storage, despite my husband’s stance that I cannot mount everything.
  • Clean out the cluster-fuck (there is no better word) otherwise known as my bedroom closet.
  • Supervise Chris’ yard work and planting.
  • Do general cleaning/toy organizing.
  • Go to the dentist, get Danny’s casts changed, maybe get my hair done.
  • Take the boy to a birthday party.
  • Have some fun.

But first a week of work.


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