My boy is back and ready to impress….

With both his Mario Wii skills and the few steps he has been able to take.

His improvements over the past few days are nothing short of astounding.  He is in good spirits, smiling and laughing and playing with his sister, as well as teaching everyone how to play the Wii.  And he is no longer on any pain medication, mainly because the ibuprofen tastes bad and he sees the soreness as a worthwhile trade-off.

He is playing far too many video games, but I think he’s entitled and I am using it as incentive to get him standing up and taking a few tentative steps.  It’s clear that he is going to have to teach himself how to walk again.  He can bear weight but balancing is proving to be difficult.

But to think that he has gone from being on morphine to being on nothing and taking a few steps in a matter of days proves just how cool he is.


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