She may be a bit bitchy, but she’s going to be a kick-ass woman

I know I have complained/laughed about my daughter being a little bitchy a few times already.  And it’s true.  She won’t do anything you want her to do when you want her to do it, you have to wait until she’s ready (usually seconds later, after she yells NO several times and asserts her authority).  She is not the best sharer and she is not what anyone would call easy-going.

BUT lately, her favorite game has been playing mommy to her many baby dolls and her brother (if he’s willing to play baby).  And I have to say she is fantastic at it.  My stubborn, yelling girl turns into a big mush around her babies.  She talks softly and uses a gentle hand as she cradles them in her arms, hugs them and feeds them.  She sings songs to them and always keeps them close.  If her brother-baby misbehaves she talks to him patiently and disciplines him like the books say she should (no idea where she got that from).

And you know how the kids push all my buttons about working/traveling so much?  Lately, she has been “working” a lot too on her play laptop.  But instead of making me feel guilty, she is making me feel proud.  She deftly balances the “work” and her babies without missing a beat.  She makes sure to give her babies lots of attention and explains to them kindly “I working, you can’t sit on my lap, but sit here, right next to me, kay baby?”

I may worry about surviving her teen years, but I do not have to worry about her.  She can clearly be tough and bitchy when she needs to be but she also has this kind, gentle side.

She is going to be a fantastic woman – smart and beautiful and funny – and I am feeling pretty excited about watching her grow up.  Just wish I could skip those teen years.


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