February Fail

I had grand plans for the month of February.  I was going to finish my book, get “fab abs” and finally read a book for the book club I joined last month.

And how am I doing?  I edited 2 pages of my book and wrote about 4 new sentences.  I worked my way up to 25 sit-ups and promptly quit.  I haven’t even picked up the book I am meant to read for the next meeting and cannot attend the meeting, because the husband and I will be away that weekend.

So I’ve accomplished very little of what I wanted.  I know the month is not over yet, but I am currently on a plane to my 2nd city of the week desperately trying to stay awake, so I can sleep tonight.  I did not sleep last night.  Then I head to city number 3 and fly home, landing well past my bedtime on Friday night.

Therefore, I will be a useless, drooling mess this weekend.  I suspect I will be buried in work next week and then the month is over.

I have failed February.  Perhaps March will be better.

Oh and my daughter is now talking well enough to deliver very clear guilt trips over the phone.  So yay.






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