Girl vs. Boy Play Dates

Why are boy and girl play dates so different?

Whenever I have girls over to play with either my son or my daughter, I find myself relaxing on the couch, sipping some coffee, or updating my blog as I am doing now.  The girls quietly play right in front of me, acting out stories with the assortment of animals and dolls that litter my living room floor at all times.  The boy even helps me monitor the action telling his sister that she needs to share and be nice, before I even have a chance too.

When I have boys over, I am always worried about bodily injury.  They inevitably leave the living room to hide in my son’s room, where they seem to climb the furniture, wrestle and/or jump on the bed.  Unless I follow them, I only see them when they run up and down the stairs a hundred times.  I usually spy on them using the video monitor, shhhh.  If I do follow them, they leave the room.  I wonder if I smell but continue to try to monitor the situation anyway.

My daughter always follows the boys around, attempting to join in on the craziness.  It’s abundantly clear to everyone but her that she is not wanted.  So I have the added bonus of worrying about her getting her feelings hurt or getting hurt hurt.  I still drink the coffee, but more in a “I need to be alert” way, as opposed to the “isn’t this nice and relaxing” way I am sipping my coffee now.

I have a boy play date this afternoon, so I will revel in the peace while I can.


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