Sometimes going to work is a welcome respite

When people ask me how I would describe my 2.5 year old daughter, I inevitably use some combination of the following words, (depending on how well behaved she was that day): stubborn, bossy, independent, resourceful.

However, lately, the word that best describes her is clingy.  That girl is on me all the time.  I know, I should treasure these years, because when she is older I will have to bribe her to spend time with me.  And I know she just loves me and I should be grateful for that.  And I am grateful and appreciative of the attention at least a few hours a day.

But in reality, I would like to sit for even a few minutes without 40 pounds of warmth on my lap (forcing my arms and legs into a position that is most pleasing to her), I would like to pee alone at least a couple of times a day, and I would like to go into the kitchen for a drink without having to carry her with me, and I would absolutely love it if she would allow my husband to change her diaper or help her do anything.

Instead, all I get is: “Mommy do”; “I want momma”; “I want to seat on momma’s wap”; “I come wit you, momma”; “I want to help you momma” and on and on.

And then when I am at my breaking point, she cuddles up against me and says “Hap-py, I hap-py” and I feel like a terrible person.  Master manipulator and she’s not even 3 yet.  I am both super proud of her and very, very afraid.

FYI – After her visit with the speech evaluators who said she didn’t qualify for early intervention, she added a slew of new words to her vocabulary, lending credence to my “she’s just a little bit bitchy” theory.  I bought her a pair of pink fuzzy boots yesterday and suddenly she can say “boots”, the color “pink” and “Wait til daddy comes home and sees my boots.”  Last week she seemingly had no idea what boots were and all colors were purple, with that devilish smile.

So today, my boss gave me the option of staying home, but I decided to forget that I had a choice and head off to work for some peace and quiet, a chair I could sit on alone, and a bathroom door I could close and lock.

I returned home refreshed and ready to host a carpet picnic, play an assortment of board games and read multiple stories.  I am even excited about working from home tomorrow, even if I have to type with one hand, because my lap is full of “hap-py” toddler.


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