The joys of Christmas morning

The great thing about Christmas morning is how the kids are too excited about Santa’s or Ho Ho Ho’s arrival to sleep another second.  They run into your room full of smiles and boundless energy, begging you to wake up so they can start digging through their presents.

What’s not great is when your husband’s snoring makes it impossible for you to sleep or attempt to sleep for another second.  Next year, he’s getting a stocking full of Breathe Right strips and nothing else.  And it’s a big-ass stocking.

Anyway, I hope all of you were woken up by your little people this morning.

On the bright side, at least I will be caffeinated by the time my daughter squeals “baby” every time she opens a present with a doll in it.  And I can watch A Christmas Story in peace!

 Merry Christmas!


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