I think the holidays may be driving me crazy

Yesterday was my last day of work before Christmas.  After work, we took the kids to see Santa at the mall, who looked authentic but was rather grumpy.  Side note, why is everyone comparing the authenticity of the Santas in the area this year?  That thought never occurred to me.  Does he have a red suit?  Check.  White beard – real or fake?  Check.  Santa good.  What else do you need?  My daughter wouldn’t even go near him without bursting into tears.  I doubt she would have checked his beard for glue.  I would rather have a cheery guy with a fake beard anyday.

Then we got the kids to sleep after a spirited reading of The Grinch Stole Christmas.  It was about 9pm when we started going through the Christmas checklist:

1. Realize we forgot stuff we desperately needed – pan for my homemade fudge, tissue paper, wax paper, etc.

2. Cry and send husband to store (1st sign of insanity)

3. Start the chocolate peppermint patty cookies and refrigerate the dough for an hour, as instructed.  A whole hour!

4. Make the fudge – think it looks crappy but refrigerate it anyway for 2 hours.

5. Sort some presents for husband to wrap.

6. Start making the peppermint patty cookies with sufficiently cooled dough.  Realize wrapping dough around tiny little patties is a royal pain in the ass.

7. Cook them, realize they are adorable and delicious.

8. Start making gift bags for the teachers and school office people.

9. At 12:30am, say good night to husband and decide that the brown butter brown sugar drop cookies will be a breeze after creating all those individual cookies.  (second sign of insanity).

10. Realize that brown butter takes awhile to brown and even longer to COOL.  Why are all these recipes obsessed with cooling.  Realize it is now around 1:30am and I am waiting for butter to cool.  Seriously?  Do some laundry, because why not?

11. Make the cookies.  Hey, they are easy.

12. Fill out invitations for my son’s birthday party with his friends that we have planned for when he is roughly 5 years and 1 month old.  I am a sucky mom who didn’t realize that 2 weekends of holidays in December would make booking a weekend party in early January downright impossible.  Realize that I am too tired to follow simple instructions on the invitations like Date, time, RSVP to, etc.  Forge on anyway.  Thankfully, we had extra invites.

13. Let the cookies cool.  Eat one and realize it was worth staying up late to eat them.  Finish cookie boxes for school.

14. Instead of going to sleep at 2am, decide it’s a good idea to watch Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood.  (third sign of insanity).  But those kids are so damn cute!!

After getting approximately 4 hours of sleep, I drop the kids off at school and have a glorious hour all to myself.  I decide to nap.  Then my head starts doing the math.  If I nap, I won’t have time for coffee before my kid’s holiday party at school.  Have the following thoughts: I am tired, I should sleep, but I am too tired to function without coffee.  But I am tired so I should sleep.  NO, COFFEE WILL SOLVE EVERYTHING!  So here I sit wasting valuable nap time drinking coffee and updating my blog.  (fourth sign of insanity).  Side note: Even my dog is napping.  I apparently kept her up too late last night with my craziness.

If I am feeling extra insane later, I may just post some recipes.  They are yummy!  So glad I gave all the cookies away.


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