Mega Bloks may just send me to jail

So my son got this for his 4th birthday last year, from someone I have since threatened to kill.   I was wise and hid it until he was old enough to play with it.  If you look closely it says for ages 6+.

Unfortunately, the little bastard found it and has been begging all of us to help him build it.  Everyone else dumped out the box, chose a random bag to open and said “No chance in hell, kid” or probably something more kid-appropriate.

I decided to help.  I figured he was nearly 5 and very smart.  We could do it.  It might even be fun!

I am apparently the dumb one.  As I sorted through the half opened baggies that were at some point numbered and organized and flipped through the instruction manual (that is thicker than the one that came with my car), the kids decided to “help” with the building.

I know, building with the kids is the whole point, right?  Well, when half the pieces are smaller than my pinky nail, there is no fun.  It’s down right panic-inducing.

I found myself feeling possessed.  My 2-year-old grabbed one of the miniscule blocks and tossed it over her shoulder and I looked at her, paused while my head spun around and growled “Do NOT touch that!”

Eventually, 40 minutes into this little adventure after much cursing, I figured out how to get the kids to “help” in a less destructive way, by having them sort all the pieces.  Twenty minutes later, I finally finished a key component of the castle and sat down to relax, while the kids played with the little cannon.

The second I turned away, there was the sound of crumbling Mega Bloks and a sweet little “oopsy!”

I spun my head around again, grabbed the pile of blocks my castle had become and threw them back in the box, declaring us done building for the night.  (And yes, after an hour of building, it was MY CASTLE!)

I think I even convinced my son that the gift-giver would be sad if we finished the castle without him, so he who shall not be named will be very busy at my son’s birthday party this Saturday.  My son said I am not allowed to kill him, so torture is the next best thing.

After all of that, editing my book should be a breeze!


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