Letting my babies out into the world

So last week, I finished my first draft of the book.  It is not 50,000 words and it was not finished during the month of November, so I technically lost National Writing Month, but I feel good about what I accomplished.  As a good friend put it – I wrote a damn novel, so I totally won.

I made a Facebook post offering my friends a chance to read and comment on my first draft and a surprising number of people said they were interested.  So I have sent it off to them.  I wonder what they will have to say.  I am filled with both anticipation and dread.

Thinking of sending that baby out into the world and my boy’s upcoming birthday has left me feeling nostalgic.  5 years ago, at this time, I was as big as a house, with swollen feet and an aching back.  I was counting down the weeks until I could get this damn baby out.  But I had yet to read the whole chapter on labor in the What to Expect Book.  Just the list of facts was enough to make me edgy.  Besides, I had over a month left to go, so I thought I had plenty of time to work up the nerve to keep reading.

Little did I know that my little guy was impatient (and he still is) or just too damn eager to please his mommy (and he still is).  We were originally trying to get pregnant in time to have a tiny little bundle of joy in time for Christmas, but it took a couple of months longer than I had anticipated to make that happen, so he wasn’t due until early January.

But the boy was eager to make my dreams come true, so my husband and I spent Christmas Eve crying over a pile of presents we had yet to wrap, out of sheer exhaustion, while our tiny 4 pounds and 4 ounces of beautiful baby boy slept upstairs for a whole 2 hours.

Now my baby boy is a big boy and I can’t wait to celebrate with him.


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