Why couldn’t my kids be more annoying?!?!

Sometimes when you travel for business, it’s better to have annoying children who misbehave a lot.  Then you can feel happy and relaxed when the plane takes off.

But I have to have kids who spent the whole weekend being sweet and cute and cuddly.  Kids who played games nicely together and took turns sharing all their toys.  Kids who helped me make Thanksgiving dinner and actually helped.  Kids who played well with my little goddaughter.

Damn them!

Here I am, a day and a half into my 4.5 day business trip and I already miss them like crazy.  Hopefully, I can facetime with them later.  They love that, even though my daughter doesn’t understand where the camera is so I can usually only see the top of her curly head.  It’s still nice to know she is giving me kisses even when I can’t see her face.

Since the hotel is attached to a mall, I will also help ease my grief with some retail therapy.  I have learned that Claire’s is a great store when you have a girly-girl who likes sparkly things!

I am sure they will make up for all of their good behavior when I get home and I can long for the business trip then.



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