Holiday Happiness

I love me some alliteration.

I also love the holidays and all the traditions that go along with it.

Yesterday we had the whole family over for some fried turkey.  Frying the turkey gave me extra time to focus on other cooking, like pizza rolls, pigs in the blanket and some sweet potato spoon bread (which I did horribly wrong, somehow).

I also made desserts from scratch, including some chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter banana cream pie (from epicurious) and the apple pie I posted about previously.

I had planned on posting some pictures and recipes here, but I was too busy to take pictures – first cooking and then eating.  So sorry!

Tomorrow, we go to my friends’ house for our annual Autumnal Feast, which is our non-blood relative Thanksgiving dinner celebration.  It’s always a fun time.  I think it will be extra fun this year with all the kids being able to run around together.  There’s something about kids running around that makes the holidays even better.

Then in the coming weeks, we have my little boy’s 5th birthday party with the family.  I can cry just thinking about it, then Christmas Eve dinner with the in-laws, Christmas morning with my dad, Christmas afternoon with the extended family.  Then “Our Christmas” with the aforementioned non-blood relation family.  Then my boy’s birthday party with all of his friends, which I delay until January so it’s not impacted by all the holiday craziness.

And somewhere in there we want to take the kids on their first train ride to see the tree and the joys of FAO Schwartz.

So much to enjoy, so little time.

Sunday, I head down to Dallas for 4 full days of research, all in the same place.  It’s practically unheard of!  And the hotel is attached to my absolute favorite mall.  So I will have a few rough days of work, and some nice nights of quiet TV time and wandering a mall with a peppermint mocha in hand, watching the ice skaters, listening to Christmas carols.  Oh and I also have a half-done book to finish – so add hectic nights of writing in there.

Then my husband and I are heading off to a weekend in Vermont.  I wish I had known I would be away from the kids for the previous 4 days, when we planned this little weekend, but oh well.  Market research is unpredictable like that.

I am in a good mood today, happily sitting in my pajamas doing some Black Friday shopping (assuming the websites eventually work, that is, but it beats waiting on line any day), with plenty of leftovers in the kitchen to feast on all day.  The kids and I are doing some serious cuddling today too.

Holiday happiness apparently leads to a pointless blog post with lots of run-on sentences, but I am too happy to care.


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