Crack of dawn flight has cleared up my writer’s block

I was on a 7:30am flight to Chicago this morning, so I could come here and sit in a dark room, watching research being conducted on the other side of the glass.

This meant that I was at the airport at 5am.  Instead of staring into space, I decided to get to work on my book.  In the 90 minutes I spent in the Admiral’s Club 1500 words appeared.  Then I went to the gate eager to put hands to keys once again.

As the plane took off, I set my laptop on my lap with my finger poised over the power button.  Then came the familiar bing which meant I could turn it on and get started again.

By the time we landed, my novel that was stuck at 10,000 words had well over 16,000 words, still 5,000 words short of where I should have been by last night, but progress is progress.

As I made this headway in the book, thoughts came to me, about what the next crisis will be, how it will send my main character into a tailspin and how she will eventually come out of the tailspin into a new journey, which would signal the end of the book.

Can’t wait to get back to the airport so I can continue my work.  For once, I am happy about commuting to a different time zone for one day.  A hotel room would prove too distracting with its comfy bed and large TV.


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