Writer’s block and baby fun

I had a rough week at work.  I was getting up at 5am nearly everyday and busy all day long.  Still every night on my train ride home, I made a point to work on my novel-to-be.  I was still behind but was making steady progress and I liked where the book was going.

Yesterday, my hands were hurting me, so I decided to read what I wrote instead of typing more.  This is a big no-no according to NaNoWriMo and now I know why.  I read stuff I had written last week and forgotten about.  I read stuff that no longer made sense to the story and I started editing, perhaps the biggest no no.

I tried to write more when I got home last night, but was paralyzed.  I was too focused on picking up forgotten subplots that I no longer really liked to get absorbed in the story.  I was averaging around 1,500 words every time I sat down to write.  Since my stupid reading session yesterday, I struggled to write 300 words, 300 words that I don’t even like.

I spent today trying to rest up and clear my head while relaxing with the kids.  I figured we could just veg all day.

Of course, today my son decides he wants to write a book, entitled “Everything I do outside of school and inside of school.”  I volunteered to bind it for him.  He decided I was also the illustrator and writer.

Needless to say this little side job did not help my confidence level.  Apparently, I do not draw well enough, “The windows of my school do not look like that!”, or take dictation quickly enough “I am finished talking, why are you still writing?”

My daughter decided that I should also draw stuff for her.  Her instructions consisted of her pointing at the page and saying something unintelligible over and over again in increasing volume until I figured out what she wanted.

Then they spent half an hour hiding under the kitchen table, and popping out to scare me.  That was apparently the funniest thing ever, because they both squealed with laughter, which helped more than anything.  It feels pretty good to be around that kind of joy.  At what age do we stop squealing with laughter?

Now, we are cuddling on the couch watching a movie and I am attempting to write again to no avail.  Later I am having a much needed night out with my friends (no kids).

Hopefully, some additional cuddling and the night out will clear my mind enough for tomorrow to be a better day.



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